Hayden NG
Web/HTML Developer.

My Github

There are a few things i have planned to release on github.

Cert Store

The CERT store holding most of the certificates for the devices on the hang-org-uk network.

About Me

I am a male who loves computing, every bit off it. From building a computer to programming small apps.

I own (At the momment) 3 Servers - 2 of which are Windows Server and the other one (Main hosting) is a debian server, both with 2GB of Ram and 2GHZ Proccessor speed.

I have a RPI 1,3,4 and an ASUS laptop with 4GB ram and my RPI 4 with 2gb Ram, then my samsung galaxy A9 phone.

I also like photography, you can find my photos on my instagram (Link in footer). My skills are Golf (I can hit up to 200M (Only happened once!)), i used to and like to swim and coding in Python and JS and HTML (All soon avaliable on my Github (link in footer))